Week 1: September 2, 2010

| September 2, 2010

Summary: Throughout this class we will be exploring our own creativity & can help each other by being positive, confident, and helping our peers build courage. We can create musical interest through the manipulation of these musical variables: dynamics, pitch, tempo, texture, and rhythm, among others.

We started out by observing a siren from outside and picking one word to describe it. Look at the sound shape of a siren (a “hill”) and describe that in musical terms. How do we talk about the music we are making? What makes the music we make? Variety? Intensity? Direction? Expression? How do we define ‘expression’ in music, anyway? Here are some responses: “demonstrating emotions and life experiences through musical elements,” “experiencing the music as a whole,” “personal statement through music,” and “taking risks towards conveying something through your own personal interpretation.”


1) What if all the instruments in the world disappeared? Would we still have music? Look around you and pick out something unintended for musical use but something you can still use to convey something. Start out looking at what the potential is with the object. Then experiment and solve the problem of how to create music with the object. Is there still music? Does it involve the musical characteristics we identified earlier?

Create a found sound piece and create your own notational device that helps you remember what it is you want to play next week. It should include two movements with two contrasting emotions of your choice.

Discussion Question:

Does your object composition reveal all the expressive potential available with your chosen object? How do you know? Is there a limitation to expressive potential?