Week 10 – November 4, 2010

| November 7, 2010

We first spent some time going over the final projects.
Two portions, pre/in-service portion & short report synthesis.
They are due the last day of class.

We then heard from Brittany, who shared the last of the pitch class assignments.

Brittany – Voice
Very expressive. Effective text, almost hopeful. The music gave it an almost anticipatory feel of time rushing in. Reminiscent of sprechstimme despite the fact that it was sung. The spacing of the text almost worked as word painting.

We then met in small groups to discuss the Langer. Here are some of the topics brought up:

When does mindful learning come into play, right at the beginning or after a technical foundation has been laid in place? Mindful learning as a balancing act. Music should be made personal for the students/they should have a connection.
Some level of initial knowledge is always good, however the book does suggest that knowledge can impede creativity. Some completely disagreed with this and said that you can only be creative when you have some sort of technical understanding of how to use a musical instrument. Many agreed with this for the practicality of continuing on an instrument, but it is good to explore on an instrument initially.
Take into account the specific needs of your student. Give them a chance to explore but also do give them some sort of technical knowledge based on what you need to give them in order to motivate them.
The state of technology today: things are being improved, not so much being invented. How can we encourage innovation?

Prepare to further discuss the Langer.

Discussion Topic:

What else would you like to discuss? What came to mind after the first class discussion?