Week 11 – November 11, 2010

| November 14, 2010

We handed out the critical thinking & musical listening handout for outside reading.

Then, to get back into discussing the Langer book, Dr. Pogonowski drew everyone’s attention back to the found sound projects from earlier in the semester to demonstrate the designing of a series of activities that promoted mindful learning.

How did we prepare for our found sound projects?
— Brittany played a music stand after being prompted to find something in the room that you would not normally think of to be musical.

This is one example of how we set up a framework for exploring and narrowed it down to only one object, which created a mentality of searching for different potentials. This is related to the question of modeling versus imitating and how we can incorporate that into our teaching — how did we all experience mindful learning?

Thus, the process can begin with initial exploration, then guided exploration.

We then used the bass drum as an example. What comes to mind when we see this instrument? Then, move past that and see what else the instrument is capable of.

From guided exploration you go to exploratory improvisation, then planned improvisation.

Repeat this process cycle over as you introduce new things.

It is not that the idea of mindful learning is in direct opposition to teacher instruction but it should be done in a way that facilitates this kind of exploratory mindful learning. How do you phrase your instruction to invite this kind of learning? How do we encourage people to be mindful during their own musical practices? Also, How do we work in this way but still manage to be timely? Keep in mind the payoff of getting your students used to this approach, because then further explorations will more more expediently. Look for other ways to help your students get a better grasp on material you would otherwise teach by rote. Be creative with your techniques.

To close up class, Dr. Pogonowski introduced the concept of a rhythm matrix to the class. Dr. Pogonowski put up 1-8 on the board and instructed the class to clap wherever you see the dot but be aware of changes on the spot. Once we had done this a few times, we introduced stomping on 1 and 8 and using different vowels instead of just counting the numbers.


Discussion Topic:
Any remaining thoughts from the Langer discussion?