Week 12 – November 18, 2010

| November 30, 2010

Prior to diving into the bulk of the class, the following was presented as a response to the critical thinking & musical listening handout: How can you integrate critical thinking and listening in your K-12 classroom?
A summary of the general response is as follows: The feedback you will receive, based on the prior knowledge your students will bring to the classroom, will differ, but the value of doing this kind of activity is still inherent. The importance is doing it as a group because everyone hears something different. It may take time but stay patient and focus your prompts and questions about what the class hears instead of likes.

To get back into the rhythm matrix, we began the same way we ended class last week, stomping on 1 and 8 and clapping/saying the numbers. We had various members of the class come up to experiment with controlling the matrix, and introduced some of the following ideas:

  • adding pitches (we used sol/do)
  • clapping/stomping on alternating numbers
  • different tempos
  • adding dots after having already removed them

Dr. Pogonowski then passed out the rhythm matrix handout. We counted through all lines as a group, then everyone chose a line and got an instrument. We stuck with the matrix as written, but people were free to improvise when directed by Dr. Pogonowski, who conducted.

We then divided into two groups to fill out the 9-12 spots on the rhythm matrix (to complete it, in other words). Everyone had time to rehearse in their groups.


We will begin presenting final projects Dec. 9, 2010.