Week 13 – December 2, 2010

| December 5, 2010
After briefly discussing the upcoming carol sing and some ideas for repertoire for this event, we began by handing out the override sheets for Creative Strategies for Teaching Musical Skills. This is an override so you can register before you officially complete this course. Fill it out and bring it back to the music office.
We then began to discuss the designing of creative music strategies a little more. We have already touched on this, especially when we were discussing the Langer, but now we will go more in depth.
What are the developmental phases of musical exploration?
Free Exploration (first seeing what your options are and what you can do)
Guided Exploration (scaffolding)
Exploratory Improvisation (you need to have the previous phases so you have a repertoire of choices)
Planned Improvisation (finally reaching the stage in which you know what you want to do and sometimes you even notate it)
These build off of each other to create the basis for being able to develop musical independence away from the teacher or the community of learners.
Example: Spunky Monkies Rap (Guided Exploration to lead into students writing their own raps based on the idea of improvisation and the rhythm matrix). We did this as a group before trying out different voices and rhythms.
Remember that giving an adequate amount of choices is key as well as exploring with a purpose.
We then looked at the 2nd page in the handout. This outlines the developmental phases that we have already discussed but displays them in a flow chart manner.
Example: Improvising over a provided accompaniment, starting with a chord tone from each chord before beginning to explore. Group improvisation can be very beneficial regarding creating an environment that feels safe (similar to the idea of collective musical cognition & the benefits of working together) before moving to individual exploration.
People found it interesting to be a part of a rich texture and yet not be entirely aware of all of the different musical lines making up the texture. The sense of unity and safety was prevalent.
We did this one more time, with different people on different parts, before adding a song that was in the handout as well (Bamboo).

None, besides work on final projects.