Week 14 – December 9, 2010

| December 14, 2010

Today we got a chance to hear from Keisha, who shared her final project with us. She designed a creative teaching strategy that the entire class was able to try out.

Here are the recordings from the class:

Matt & Brittany – Ocean

Ji Hye & Adam – Thunder

Cynthia & Ji Hae – Thunderstorm

Stephanie & Jacquelyn – Seagulls

Sesil & In Young – Wind, Raindrop, Forest, Beach

Liz & Allison – Rainstorm

Mary & James – Wind and the ocean

Thoughts from the class:
More organic sounds were elicited but it was hard to get away from the constructed sounds of what the idea was theoretically supposed to be.
What would it be like if you extended it and then added communication? What didn’t come across at first?
Action versus discussion – getting immediately into trying things and combining. Direct compositional instead of analytical
Very thoughtful directions and could easily be put into practice in a class, especially to counteract situations in which kids can get distracted by discourse.
Coming up with their own hand gestures etc. to get away from traditional communication.
Getting away from having to ask for approval and just going with it- this can be really beneficial in a creative environment.

Finish final projects!