Week 2: September 9, 2010

| September 10, 2010

We began today’s class by distributing teaching certification information. If you are pre-service, it is very important to that material prior to the meeting near the end of September.

We then began the bulk of the work by a brief review of assignment for this week. What did we think when we were working on it?
— Difficulties with coming up with notation. Would it properly represent what we wanted to represent?
— Can we solve problems in our sleep? / minds are always active, always creative and problem-solving
— So many possibilities with any ‘instrument’; hard to narrow it down
— Paying more attention to ambient noise throughout the environment

How does this assignment relate to or not relate to the work of a composer?
— Thinking about what kind of sound you wanted (exploring with a purpose)
— A quest for a sound that will lead to writing a particular kind of music (e.g., what the composer hears in their head, what a commissioner wants to hear, etc.)

Throughout talkback sessions after each of the following performances we talked about:
— The difference between perceiving the physicality of the performance and then hearing it alone.
— What does knowing the backstory of a piece affect how we think about the piece?
— Importance of practicing your instrument.

In-Class Performances:
Brittany – Metal Water Bottle
— Working under constraints, rehearsal is key. First movement between a butterfly and a flower. Second movement, family scene with mother and children.
Irene – Paper
— Taking something especially familiar to us. Inspiration from her own habits/practices (i.e., crumpling paper). Enjoyed having the limitations of her instrument. First movement representing stress. Second movement representing tears.
James – Pot, Cover, & Spoon
— Different environmental considerations w/ the table. Inspiration from Tibetan singing bowls. Changes in overtones as two different sounds overlapped/interacted with each other.
Stephanie – Plastic Water Bottle & Water
— 1st movement, meditative, 2nd movement, frustration. Picked instrument because of ease but was surprised by range.
Keisha – Iron
— Enjoyed exploring the limitations and the capabilities (e.g., how long did it take for the steam to come?). Reliance on whether the machine would function in order to create your sound.
Jacquelyn – Computer Mouse
— Also enjoyed exploring the limitations but also focusing on just a few of the sounds the instrument was capable of. 1st movement, more excited than 2nd, more calm.
Sesil – Computer Keyboard
— working with a sound she heard every day and tried to integrate her thoughts about the assignment into the piece itself (typing out what she was thinking about).
Allison – Mixing Bowls
— Notation can be difficult with complex rhythmic patterns. Looked at existing examples of rhythmic notation from all around the world and drew from that for inspiration.

Here is a link to recordings of the above. Click the downwards facing arrow to download the track of your choice.

1) “I Am” — descriptions can have so many different interpretations between people. Look at the positive sides of your personality, as we will be aiming to bring out positive relationships and interactions with our future students, and construct 3 “I Am” statements, each with two sentences that follow the characteristic and describe what you mean by the statement.
2) Think about how you might transcribe your piece for voice, using the same score.