Week 4: September 23, 2010

| September 26, 2010

We began with our I Am statements, with examples of said statements provided to better illustrate the statements.

We then moved on to hear the duet/trio performances. Dr. Pogonowski gave us all some guidelines by which we could give feedback:
— Analytical: more technical responses
— Judicial: what did you personally like about it?
— Creative: what more could be done with the same instrumentation?

Liz, Brittany, & Stephanie – Water Bottles
Interesting to hear different components of each of the original pieces. Very asymmetrical rhythm.
Sesil & Irene – voice
Additive text, changing of tempos
Adam, Jacquelyn, Cynthia – cd, penny, computer mouse
Similar to chance music because you never knew how it would behave. Almost a Habanera rhythm of sorts.
Mary & Keisha – voice
Almost reminiscent of an irish folk song. Interesting to hear the lack of words and just the straight voices. Improvisation present.  Incorporated tension/release.
Matt & James – voice
Very cohesive; liked the sharing of material between the two performers. The throat clearing was a nice timbre.
Jihae & Allison – bowls, knife, spoon, can
Didn’t have time to discuss.

Do a third transcription of your found sound piece, this time for your main instrument.
If you are a vocalist and, thusly, have already done your piece for voice, try to step out of the box and maybe even incorporate stuff from your found sound instrument.
You do not have to combine pieces and work someone else if you do not want to.

Discussion Question (suggested topic; you may discuss this, or choose your own)
What was your compositional experience like this week? Did it differ from previous weeks?