Week 5 – September 30, 2010

| October 3, 2010

Dr. Pogonowski began the class with foreshadowing for future assignments that will deal with pitch classes. The future assignment is to pick any of the following pitch classes (C, D, E, F#, G#) and compose one movement for your major instrument. This is not due during Week 6.

We then heard the last of the voice/instrument group pieces…

Ji Hye & In Young – Board & Paper
Control of dynamics, almost sounded like percussion or drum instruments, almost reminiscent of something spinning or the wind.

… before moving into pieces played on primary instruments/voices.

Matt – Piano
Reminiscent of Copeland with the intervals. Kept the same intervals from the previous iterations of the pieces. Envisioned almost as music for a romantic comedy.
Cynthia – Piano
Almost dreamlike, with different themes (reminiscent of the variety in her original composition.
Irene & Brittany – Piano & Voice
Almost like a slideshow of the people whose compositions had been quoted, or ending credits for a movie. Good contrast throughout the medley. Seamless transition between the two and a lot of obvious collaboration.
Keisha & Mary – Voice
No time to discuss.

Be prepared to discuss either of the John Holt books.

Discussion Topic (Suggested; Feel free to discuss any, all, or your own topic):
What did you take away from reading your chosen Holt book?
How does it relate/not relate to the article on Creativity we read earlier?
What are topics you would like to discuss in class? (I will compile any suggestions and bring them to our discussion on Thursday)