Week 8 – October 21, 2010

| October 24, 2010

We moved right into going through the rest of the pitch class assignments.

Stephanie – Flute
Seemed like something that would make a good soundtrack. A big contrast from her previous piece. Sounded almost like it could be played as a fugue with other flutists.

James – Viola
Almost reminiscent of a dirge or a funeral march. Very effective use of double stops, with one pitch functioning almost like a drone.

Liz & Steph – Bassoon & Flute
HabaƱera rhythm with a lot of interesting visuals being evoked (like dancing bears). Wanted to combine two different timbres. Liked how the two voices started apart, then came together at the end for some kind of resolution.

Keisha – Voice & Guitar
Inspired by hide and go seek; the lyrics can be either childish or very dark. Very universal message. The minimalist accompaniment was very effective. Almost cerebral; you needed to really listen and concentrate on what you were hearing.

Allison – Piano
Very clever; almost reminiscent of Satie in some ways. The melodies quoted was still reminiscent even though the pitches weren’t exact. Almost sarcastic sense of humor/laughing through the bridge sections that connect the quoted melodies.

Adam – Piano
Very dreamlike (maybe because of the whole town flavor given by the pitch classes); nice use of range in registration and contrast. Reminded some of the 1812 Overture.

Sesil – Flute
Almost like an etude. Good use of rests and silences, along with diminuendos.

Ji Hae – Piano
Reminiscent of Debussy. Use of the pitches to create different
sections through different tonal centers. Effective use of the range
of the piano as well as dynamics; good v. evil. Almost cathartic.

The range of moods we were able to get out from each pitch class composition and how strongly they could affect people was almost startling.
You need to really get out of the tonic/dominant/leading tone mentality.

Langer book due sometime before Thanksgiving.
If you have not yet played your pitch class composition be prepared to go next week.