Week Six – October 7, 2010

| October 10, 2010

We began by discussing the short reports and blogs. These assignments help to foster metacognition (thinking about thinking) and demonstrate the reflective nature of the class in a positive way. How can you foster this kind of learning in your students and create more intrinsic than extrinsic motivation?

Going off of last week, we then discussed Keisha and Mary’s piece before moving onto the rest of the assignments.
People felt that the addition of lyrics helped them distinguish the two voices. Overall it had a very haunting quality and the use of dissonances was well-received.

Moving on… Here’s a link to all the recordings from this week.

Jacquelyn – Flute
People found the piece to be heavily reminiscent of her original composition. She drew inspiration from another piece when exploring different ways of getting sound out of the instrument.

Stephanie – Flute
A very tranquil, soothing piece thanks to the held notes and vibrato. People enjoyed the lower registration and the use of chromatics as featured in the original piece.

Esther – Piano
The different emotions came out really well in this piece, people thought. The use of her nails on the keyboard was also very effective. She stated that the left hand was supposed to represent the paper and the right hand the pencil.

In Young – Piano
The use of repeated notes throughout the piece was thought to be very effective and she stated that she did use the same pitches she obtained in her original composition.

Adam – Piano
He stated that his piece was 40 percent original material and 60 percent quoted material, with some improvisation throughout the piece. He also wanted to work towards representing the ‘two sides’ of the coin.

Sesil – Flute
This was different when compared to the earlier flute pieces due to the amount of movement throughout the piece and the use of staccato.

Allison – Voice & Piano
The lyrics were very effective, despite the fact that she stated that the compositional experience was a little out of her comfort zone. The emphasis shifted from rhythm to pitch.

Liz – Bassoon
Explored both the serious and silly sides of the instrument throughout her composition, as well as the range of the instrument.

Review the Holt. If time permits, we will also begin the pitch classes piece this upcoming Thursday.

Discussion Topic:
Revisit the discussion from last week and respond to your peers’ comments to prepare for the upcoming week.